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JANUARY 26 birthday horoscope predicts that your strength is in your business associations or If today is your birthday, then you love learning and nature.

You can sign up for webinars and classes to attend live, or receive recordings audio and visual and extensive handouts of selected lectures and workshops as listed below. Dates for lectures and workshops will be added as confirmed. New Jyotisa classes will begin in March or April. Bookmark this page and keep checking back for additional dates. Ronnie will be available for chart readings at locations of lectures and workshops.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment, attending one of these events, or arranging a workshop in your area, please email your request. Past events and workshops available for purchase. Please request information about Jyotisa classes if not listed below. Email Ronnie Dreyer. March 30, Muhurta Electional Astrology in the morning. Chart interpretation in the afternoon. In this workshop we will review the panchang almanac and look at the classical ways to choose the most auspicious dates and times to begin events.

We will go over planetary hours, as well as the Panchang elements: day of the week, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, and Karana. Rules for specific topics such as marriage, surgery, moving house, travel etc. We will go over setting up an electional chart from start to finish.

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We will use my marriage date and time as one example of how to set up an chart from start to finish, as well as other charts for medical procedures, and starting an enterprise. Even if you think you know this material, there is always more that you may not know. This is the first of a series of advanced topics.

The next workshops on May 18 and June 15 will address topics like Advanced prediction including Varhsaphal solar returns and Jaimini techniques. See below. Info and Registration. This is an ongoing group but you can also follow as a standalone. April 19, See full webinar.

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Free Naksatra Summit Webinar. Friday April Sunday April 28, Astrovedic Akademie Jyotish Conference. Alzey, Germany and simultaneous online. English with German translations. My presentation is Friday April 26th and focuses on ongoing research into the similarities and differences in the charts of twins. We will look at how the 3rd house represents the younger twin while the 11th house represents the older twin.

Then we will see how the charts are distinguished in the Varga charts in ways you may not consider. The difference between twins often shows up in several varga charts and not just the shastiamsa chart D as many people think. This is important for practicing astrologers since in the era of in vitro fertilization, many sets of twins are being born.

Saturday June Introduction to Jaimini Techniques. Case studies. This will be taken, as much as possible, from the Upadesa Sutras, the classic text on Jaimini astrology, which is the basis for many though not all teachers' approach to this system. This is the third in a series of advanced topics.

March 30, May 18, and June They can be taken together or as standalones. Early bird rates through March Thursday June Monday July 1, July 6, July Eclipses. Early bird reg till July 1. After July 1. If you cannot attend live you will get the recordings and handouts after like everyone else. From Western and Indian standpoint.

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Information and Registration. August 24, Sarvatobhadra Chakra. Great method of prediction placing Nakshatras on a grid.

These methods will give you easy access to the meaning of your horoscope. You do not need to understand complex theories or concepts. If you can identify the symbols, then you can understand your horoscope.

In these pages, you will find everything you need, including lots of visual aids and charts to help you define your birth chart. At the end of the book is a comprehensive glossary. It is best if you follow along with a copy of your horoscope. If you have never had your birth chart done, there are a number of Internet resources that provide free chart services.

A few good ones are www. For those of you who do not have access to the Internet, you may complete the form at the back of this book to obtain a free copy of your birth chart. The Seven Chart Patterns The first thing you notice when you look at your horoscope is a pattern formed by the distribution of the planets.

This chart pattern falls into one of seven categories, each with a specific meaning. It offers a broad view of the whole person, leading to a better understanding of the finer details. The pattern type, like a first impression, gives you an immediate picture of the driving force or motivational factors in your life. Or you may notice that most of the planets are on the right-hand or left-hand side of the circle. This division of the circle into hemispheres describes inner and outer behavior. Each of the four quadrants shows a particular area of life experience.

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac Around the edges of the wheel are the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each of the twelve signs is unique in its expression and describes how you approach things. The signs also can be grouped according to certain similarities, such as element and quality. Ascendant sign: describes your appearance and demeanor. The Twelve Houses Each sign sits at the beginning of a house—on its cusp.

Notice that the houses are numbered in the middle of the wheel in a counterclockwise direction. Each of the twelve houses describes a particular area of life experience, and the sign on its cusp illustrates how you approach that area of life. Twelve houses B. House position: angular, succedent, and cadent C.

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Empty houses D. Twelve signs through the twelve houses. The Planets The planets are dispersed around the wheel and reside in various houses. Each planet describes function or, to put it another way, something in particular about the way you carry out your life.

The planet describes what is going on, while the house describes where the action occurs. The planets in the houses C. The planets in the signs.

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The Aspects Aspects are the angles between two planets or between a planet and any point on your horoscope. They are measured in degrees, and when planets form these angles, they interact with and reflect the influence of the other. The ten planets and their primary aspects C.

Like a first impression, your birth chart pattern instantly reveals the essence of who you are. Then in the following chapters, we will look at the finer details of your horoscope.