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JANUARY 26 birthday horoscope predicts that your strength is in your business associations or If today is your birthday, then you love learning and nature.

How you deal with a partner could radically change as the result of what occurs today. Be willing to let someone else ride the crescent of this wave for you, and you will be much happier. Tonight: Out with a favorite person. There has been substantial quibbling over a key issue. Finding a resolution might seem impossible at first, but know that you will get past this problem.

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Defer to others, and listen to what they have to say; they could surprise you with what they come up with. Tonight: Time to celebrate! Understand your limits, and ask for help from those who know more than you do. You might be surprised by how willing others are to pitch in and help. Avoid a power play at all costs. Tonight: Get plenty of R and R.

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Go forward in a positive way with the expectation of jumping through any hoops that appear. You could surprise others with an unanticipated statement.

Follow your sixth sense. Tonight: Ever frisky.

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Recognize that this standoff is probably a no-win situation. Either refuse to get back into this argument or let it go. Tonight: Stay centered. Be prepared for a strong response. Note that you are capable of shocking this person with your revelation! Tonight: Share news. Holiday Mathis - Amazon.

Her longstanding horoscope These daily tasks are the lifeblood of your hopes and dreams. They count, and Free Daily Horoscopes for each Zodiac Sign! Holiday Mathis at StarTribune Horoscopes - inquirer. Daily Horoscopes. Horoscopes: Sunday, September 22, So is your enormously capable style and Horoscopes: Friday, August 09, - inquirer.

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Skip to content. Wednesday, September 11, Astrological clock in Prague, Czech Choose your sign for a daily horoscope reading. Verified Purchase. Riviting book!

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  7. This book does not teach astrological concepts. Its a history book. It does however mention some concepts in historical context.

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    This is not a boring book. Its pretty fast paced and the historical examples are incredible. It really demonstrates how widely used astrology was in ancient times. One person found this helpful. An awesome book and the only book I know about astrology written by a real historian. The part about how Elizabethian astrologers determined how much a money a person will make will net some nice profits in the stock market. Illustrates very well that the two greatest empires in the world, the Roman and British, were guided by astrologers at their foundings. Also touches upon an American astrologer who upon doing his forecast for the month realized he was going to die; contacted an insurance agent and got a policy for a million dollars and made one payment and his family collected the dough.

    Guys like that could ruin the financial system. Don't expect astrology to get much ink in the popular press any time soon.

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    Very insightful reading for the circumspectual. I appreciated that this book was written by a non-astrologer who was nevertheless willing to actually research his subject and present astrology in an objective light. Classical astrological techniques Ptolemy, Ficino, et al. Historians will like this book as well, since many of the major classical astrologers knew or had a connection with royalty, politicians, artists, and writers of their day.

    I found Bobrick's presentation of astrologers as people who varied widely in their ethics a bit disturbing, as this may reinforce the ideas people sometimes already have of astrologers as quacks and fringe players out to abuse the public.